Tom Donlan

OFM SupportOFM Profile Tom Donlan

Real Name Tom

Country England

Currently managing Crewe Alexandra, FC Flora, IA Akranes, Arsenal

Tom is from Crewe, England and is a huge fan of his hometown club. A veteran of the Staff team, Tom has previously been a forum moderator, a Judge, a Judge again, Support and now finds himself as the game’s Community Manager.

He’s definitely an emo, he claims otherwise but don’t listen to him, his taste in music speaks volumes.

Despite this he is a really great, funny guy and very easy going.

Best OFM achievements

League/Cup doubles
S1 none
S2 Partizan Belgrade
S3 none

League titles
Wellington Phoenix, Crewe Alexandra, Rhyl, Newcastle United
S1 none
S2 Wisla Krakow
S3 none

Cup wins
Stoke City, Sunderland, Donlan Alexandra, West Ham United, Arsenal
S1 Chelsea
S2 none
S3 Barcelona, Ajax

Highest number of manager points in a season

Main 5853
S1 1696
S2 4540
S3 1730


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