Parco Petyt

Forum modOFM Profile Parco Petyt

Real Name Sam

Country England

Sam is the crew moderator. He’s a bit of a veteran on the game now, and has been rewarded for his contribution to the forums by being appointed a forum moderator for the 2nd time.

He is an avid Blyth Spartans fan and makes sure the rest of the world knows the fortunes of his hometown club.

He listens to a wide range of music, some good, some not so good, but his terrific sense of humour is a great asset to the crew.

He enjoys sports, music, art, reading, and Macs.

Best OFM achievements

League/Cup doubles
Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich
S1 Celtic
S2 HAL Sporting Club, Chivas USA
S3 none

League titles
FC Eindhoven, Deportivo La Coruna
S1 IF Fylkir
S2 none
S3 Dinamo Moscow, Manchester United, Xerez CD

Cup wins
Hull City
S1 Leixões SC, Manchester City
S2 Hibernian, Rosario Central
S3 Fenerbahce

Highest number of manager points in a season

Main 5930


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