Jacob Mundell

OFM Profile Jacob Mundell

Real Name: Jacob

Country England

We really don’t know if Jacob is a member of the Inters or not. He spends most of his time forgetting to renew his season tickets, thus he has been in and out of the crew more times than we can be bothered to count.

However, despite this, he is a genuinely decent chap, and has the honour of holding the crew title of Village Idiot.

Outside OFM, he is a goalkeeper, is very tall and also plays cricket, darts and pool.

Best OFM achievements

League/Cup doubles
S1 Chelsea
S2 none
S3 none

League titles
Aston Villa, VVV Venlo, Aalesund FK, FC Utrecht, Chicago Fire, Cardiff City
S1 Real Salt Lake, Crystal Palace
S2 Mahindra United, Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, Barnsley
S3 Olympiakos

Cup wins
Lille OSC
S1 none
S2 Celtic
S3 none

Highest number of manager points in a season

Main 5998


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