Gary Strand

OFM Profile Gary Strand

Real Name Gary

Country England

Currently managing Malaga, Breidablik Kopavogur, Middlesbrough, Tottenham Hotspur

Gary is our very own university genius. He’s been in the Internationals since the beginning of time, and enjoys playing football, cycling and Saturday nights out.

Best OFM achievements

League/Cup doubles
Real Madrid, DC United
S1 none
S2 none
S3 none

League titles
Queens Park Rangers, Whitehaven Allstars, PSV
S1 Ghana, Juventus, Maccabi Haifa
S3 Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, Al-Rayyan SC (2), Los Angeles Galaxy, FC Copenhagen, FC Poro, Liverpool

Cup wins
S1 none
S2 Barcelona, Strands Winning 11
S3 The New Saints

Highest number of manager points in a season

Main 3952
S1 3341
S2 3810
S3 3970


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