OFM Profile blueslipper

Real Name Shane

Country New Zealand

Currently managing Fram ReykjavikLiverpool

Shane is originally from New Zealand, now living in Melbourne, Australia.

He follows both the Premier League and the Hyundai A-League, supporting Liverpool. Shane has two young children and is one of the Internationals longest serving members.

Best OFM achievements

League/Cup doubles
S1 none
S2 none
S3 Rosario Central, Liverpool

League titles
Liverpool (twice)
Liverpool, Fukuoka Hawks, Kawakawa
Liverpool, Manchester United, USANA, Melbourne Victory
S3 Reading

Cup wins
S1 Bolton Wanderers, Udinese, Sunderland
S2 Udinese, Fiorentina
S3 RC Genk, Varteks Varaždin

Highest number of manager points in a season

Main 4681
S1 2854
S2 2280
S3 2870

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