About Us

Welcome to OFM’s most global crew!!!


A crew is a group of managers who play Online Football Manager (OFM) and form a ‘club’ so that the manager points each individual has accumulated are added together and then divided by the number of managers in the crew.

These crews then compete against each other at OFM to see which has the most number of points. There’s no end date – the crew league is an ongoing affair.

Who are The Internationals ?

Formed in September 2007, The Internationals developed rapidly into one of the leading crews on OFM. As a crew we have a great time with lots of craic and banter. Our lively crew forum is our greatest asset, with regular doses of humour and innuendo (and maybe the odd serious discussion)  thanks to a mix of active forumers and really great people.

For this reason, we are careful to recruit the right people who will fit into the crew. If you don’t like our humour, you really won’t like it here, and we probably won’t like you.

We are not glory hunters and prefer an active, fun manager with no points, to an experienced, highly successful manager with no willingness to contribute to our forum.

A Level 6 Crew (Champions), we are currently ranked 9th, with a highest position of 5th in the rankings, and are now in our 14th Crew League season.

The Internationals is also home to a number of forum moderators and OFM Staff, past and present.

Who’s who in the Crew ?

For more information on our crew members please view their profile pages

Want to join ?

Please read our crew criteria page and, if you’re eligible, please do drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you.


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